MusicBridge 2.0

This smart tool assists the user to keep their libraries in sync
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If you are looking for a tool which can help you to work on iTunes and WMP, then Music Bridge is one of the best options. Many times it is very difficult to coordinate between both WMP and iTunes. But this smart tool assists the user to keep their libraries in sync. Music Bridge updates all the data of the library in one application and duplicates the same in other application. It can sync all the general information such as Artist, name, album, album artist, Genre, Track Number, Rating, Year of Release and much more from iTunes to WMP and vice versa. Apart from this, Music Bridge is capable of copying album art from a .JPG folder or from an album art file, export iTunes ratings to XML file, replace iTunes playlists with WMP playlists and vice versa. Besides you can access various options to add SMART playlist to WMP and include AUTO playlists to iTunes. But using this tool user can neither copy any songs between iTunes and WMP nor play MP4 files. It also support command line interface and is compatible with Window XP and Window Vista.

Padma Pardhy
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  • You can easily synchronize between iTunes and WMP


  • You can not play MP4 files
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